Hello World. Welcome to iTravel holidays Blog. My name is Danai Chipanera. I am a Travel Blogger. I have a passion for travelling. I Iove collecting travel moments and creating a visual story through them and I always have lots of fun doing it. I love wildlife and nature photography. Pretty sunsets are my thing, I constantly dream about my next picture perfect sunset.  I love to inspire people to travel and embrace adventure, making friends and discover a little more of themselves along the way. I love to spread joy through travel by planning and organizing luxurious holidays and small group escorted adventures. My trips are a fusion of adventure and relaxation. It’s the joyous smiles and the beautiful memories that stay on forever that make me want to do this for the rest of my life.

Make it your mission to discover a little more of yourself.  Visualise your highest self, Find yourself and be that,  And what better way to do that than by being in the great outdoors.

Travel is an art with a mixture of relaxation, meditation and adventure it awakens inner creativity and unlocks skills and potentials you never knew you had. Yeah It definitely kicks you out of your comfort zone and so my trips are a fusion of adventure and relaxation. So join me on a journey of exploring by following my travel blog itravelholidays/blog.co.zw