A Weekend Escape at The  Nyati Eco Game Park Headlands

Are you looking for a place not so far from Harare to just unwind and refresh with family, friends or your partner? Feel like you losing your mind and you just need a break?  The lock-down left us feeling insane and all we just wanna do is to go outside and play!

Trying to Get Back Up In The Work Game has not been easy after Covid hit so we all need to just re-strategize, restructure and think. So for me I had been flirting around with the idea of a  short retreat into nature for inspiration and I  headed to Nyati Eco Game Park a little gem of a game park in Headlands 200km Northwest of Harare

Day 1

After a jolly-good-music-filled 2 hours’ drive of singing on top of my voice i arrived at The Nyati Eco Game Park. As i drove in Thye Park I was greeted by its serene calming spirit, and a soft calming breeze touched my face I just wanted to close and soak it all in, and all my anxiety suddenly disappeared as i listened to the sound of the water flowing downstream. My moment didn’t last long as I suddenly got a mean-wild-goose-chase, ha-ha, how is that for a warm welcome into nature, I’m pretty sure it was their way of showing love they always chased me each time I passed by and I kind of miss that.

Since I arrived at sunset I decided to sit on the deck that overlooks a lovely stream that flows across a distance, enjoying the refreshing breeze, gazing on a lovely view  of giraffes walking like models and necking each other at the backdrop of a golden sunset like lovers in a moment.  I’m told says it’s their way of stretching their necks but I’m still convinced it’s got everything to do with some kind of love connection, and I think would be a perfect experience for couples to watch together and get all cuddly.

Day 2

I started my day with a morning nature walk. I remember Mom always used to say when you wake up in the morning take a walk and feel the breeze, today totally made sense, my walk in nature awakened the innermost feelings of happiness and peace.  I felt that feeling of tranquility that emerges to the surface when you’re surrounded by various shades of green. It was just what I needed to clear my mind. After my stroll I had my breakfast back on the scenic deck, what can be more beautiful than enjoying a hot cup of tea in the morning , listening to the sound of water flowing , with a cool air breeze and in harmony with nature.  I watched The Alpacas from Chile do their morning routine, I learnt an interesting fact about the Alpacas that they are so clean and don’t mess everywhere they choose one spot as their loo hahaha. The Horses and Zebras were looking all elegant and The Naughty Nigerian Dwarf goats climbing on rooftops was a fun sight to watch the kids will definitely love being here. After breakfast we headed for a Game Drive in the fancy ‘Big Nyati’ FJ Cruiser! FJ Whaat! This is Supercool I loved it!  I was looking forward to seeing wildlife and I was in luck as Nyati Eco Game Park is rich in heritage and biodiversity.  With a variety of flora, fauna and wildlife like Buffalo Kudu Zebra Impalas White lions Brown lions Ostriches Elands Sables Wildebeest Tsetsebees Giraffes Waterbucks Warthog Egyptian gooses Peacocks Pythonszambiquean cobra Puff Adder Green Mamba Boom Slang Jackals. Blesbok Guinea fowls 28. Stem buck Reedbuck baboons bush buck Water otter Bush pigs 36.

Klipspringer Mongoose. Bush babies Rare donkeys and lot more, I must say it was an amazing encounter.

My main highlight of the day was the Lion Walk. I really had to give it some thinking if I really wanted to do this, Hmm I being the brave girl that loves things I really wanted to tick off the Lion Walk off my bucket-list and so I gathered my courage decided to tick this Lion Walk off my bucket-list like the She-Warrior.  The Tour  Guide Twins took us on the Lion walk activity, with the Two Lions Tafadzwa. There is no feeling as incredible and amazing as walking with The King of the Jungle. There I was taking a stroll with this majestic creature, I still think I was dreaming. Nervous and Scared and excited was how I felt through the entire experience, but I did it anywhere and I would do it again ‘nervous with a smile.

We had a super jolly Speed Boat Cruise and  I totally loved the feel of the wind brushing on my face it felt good to be alive, After the speed boat I took a cable car ride. A bird s eye view of the Nyati Eco Game is just terrific! Made me feel like on top of the world like I could just take on the world!! A must do when you come here! Not forgetting how The architecture and engineering is seamless in the rocks. The Cable Car Ride takes you to the bar at the hilltop in a cave. It’s the perfect man-cave to sip on sundowners and watch the Golden Sunset.

Day 3:

On my last day I decided to do Horse Riding. My Experience at Nyati was an endless adventure, was just what I needed to unwind.  Why you will love it its suitable Corporates, its family-friendly , adventure packed ,a Nature and Wildlife gem, it ticks all the reasons why you need to visit Nyati Eco Game Park.  Experience the new Normal and Spend more time in nature, visit this lovely gem and your mind and body will thank you.